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Compassion, Conviction, Connection

New Samaritan’s Motto is alive in the hearts of the NSBC Disciples. We wholeheartedly believe and actively seek to demonstrate that we are a Church of Compassion, Conviction and Connection! This is what we are all about:

Compassion (Matthew 9:36)
• Serving with Sensitivity
• Helping Hurting People
• Treating Everyone with Dignity and Respect

Conviction (Matthew 16:13-16)
Teaching and Preaching Biblical Truth
Governing by God’s Authority
• Believing Every Person Has Value
• Celebrating God’s use of Men and Women in Ministry

Connection (Ephesians 4:11-16)
Developing Personal Relationships with God
• Believing Every Person Has a Place in Ministry
• Seeking and Serving the Community
• Relying on the Partnership between Pastor and People
• Expanding Global Ministry and Missions

Upcoming Events

Equipping You to Actively Participate in the Plan of God for Your Life